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And now for the moment you have all been waiting for. I proudly present my first finished ArtRage painting, on which I have bestowed the simple but poignant name of…The Beachmaster.


I'm sorry it's so big, for some reason my image editing software won't play nicely with Artrage. But I'm not surprised, I wouldn't want to play nicely with Artrage either. It's a charmless bully.

Anyway for those of you wondering what this is, it's a picture I did for Sam-Tom which expresses our love of pinnipeds and general loathing of hipsters. Each damaged human customer of the sushi restaurant the seals have chosen to rampage in represents a different objectionable fashion trend of the hipster race: denim cut-offs, moustaches, glasses, pork pie hats and so on. By the way a beachmaster is a dominant bull seal.
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Well here we are back from the Friends of Arthur Machen annual meet-up. On Thursday we drove down to Stratford-Upon-Avon and checked into our hotel, the Legacy Falcon. The Machen events were actually taking place in the Shakespeare hotel just down the road, but from their respective websites we thought the Falcon seemed a nicer place to stay, and we got a very good half-price deal on Laterooms.co.uk. The Falcon is an imposing town-centre hotel with an odd cut-and-shunt configuration - it has an ancient black-and-white Tudor front and a spangly modern back part for the Reception and conference areas. I liked the front bit best as it has a really nice painted falcon sign over the front door, with a portly grey owl sculpture nesting atop the sign. The front glass door is also illustrated with a white falcon dressed to kill in its jesses and hood.

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Anyway I am off to catch up on my sleep now, with possibly a short interlude of gloating over my latest acquisitions!
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