She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls.

You must not complain, then, if she goes hunting

Joy Silence
18 February 1980
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+I'm Not A Mannequin, I'm A Situation.+

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Date Created:2002-10-19
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Joy Silence is a native of the Westcountry navigating the choppy waters of a quarter-life crisis. After prising a degree in Applied Physics out of Dundee Universetitty in 2002, Joy has spent her life staggering through various unlovable jobs and courses in the fields of physics and engineering, and is now starting out as a technical translator. A partially depressed Futurist with a fondness for industrial music and supernatural literature, Joy likes a bit of melodrama, LOVES a bit of embroidery (especially birds and flowers), and likes to have a fun techie job to while away the time until cocktail hour. Feed abundantly with compliments and Coke. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Strengths: Inexpensive.Doesn't play music too loud.
Weaknesses: Quick to take offense. Not generous with money.
Special Skills: Hard sums. Lackadaisical computer programming. Dancing at the disco, erratically.
Weapons: Ineffectual scowling. Tutting.
Marxist: 200 points.

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Joy Silence lovingly tends violet_whispers (about women in victorian and edwardian literature), darkling_tales, a supernatural lit. community, and new_romantic (a celebration of electric dreams.) She has also recently inherited flower_language, a lovely little community about the meanings behind flower names.

Joy's Featured New Romantic Of The Month: Billy Mackenzie

As one half of Dundonian duo The Associates, Billy brought strangulated soul backed by waves of extraterrestrial synthesizer sound to the masses before they knew what had hit them. Sadly, life wasn't all an "Ice Cream Factory", or indeed a "Loveboat", for the reclusive, whippet-breeding master of the electric torch song, whose suicide in the 90s was one of pop's saddest losses. But Billy lives on here, and I salute his razor cheekbones and whip-smart stratospheric vocals.

?New to my lj?

Baffled by some of the references? Here is a handy index of the characters, things and places that crop up in my journal.

Campari: My favourite alcoholic drink, comparable to Vermouth, but hot pink in colour. Buy me a Campari and soda if you meet me, it will speed the development of our friendship like nobody's business.

High Wycombe: Since May 2013 I have been living here with my partner Duffy. We are renting a charming detached property in the Sands area. It is boring and we have no friends yet but that may change, and I enjoy the pleasant surroundings. Obviously we can't afford it but I am sure to make a few extra coppers when I take up bare-knuckle fighting in the evenings after work.

Mrs Lyle: This is my mother, a very nice lady. I don’t know why I call her Mrs Lyle, I used to just call her by her first name Vieanne. She lives in Exeter but occasionally appears in my house to conduct non-consensual home improvements, usually when I am at a very low ebb. However I cannot complain about this as I am fundamentally incapable of improving my own lot in any way.

Savage Gordon: A black cat with eyes of liquid gold who lives at Lyle Towers. He does not belong to us but visits us often, to have a drink of milk, a cuddle, a game of stick-chase and maybe some leftover mince if he is lucky.(Update: As of June 2005, Savage Gordon has been residing permanently at Lyle Towers after his old owner had to move and entrusted him to our care - all your cats are belong to us!)

Ronny And Princesse Julia: Two delightful cats we acquired under strange conditions in 2007. They are black and white darlings with endearing ways. Ronny the tom is long, tall, boisterous and whippet-fast. He likes tearing down Christmas tree decorations and sitting on my laptop keyboard, and is always up to something naughty but amusing. He brings a variety of weird objects into the house. Princesse Julia (aka Dollface) was the most beautiful kitten I've ever seen and is shaping up to be a gorgeous full-blown cat. Although she is no longer small, she still has a kittenish air, with her round face, huge green eyes and slightly plump physique. She almost never miaows and is good as gold, with dainty ways, and she always looks on horrified as Ronny capers about wrecking the house. I really miss all my cats now I'm in High Wycombe :(

Sheffield: Currently best city ever, the New Steel City offers a winning blend of 70s brutalist architecture, electro-pop, rampant socialist activity, jays, magpies and pleasant people. (ETA: I sadly had to leave Sheffield in May 2013, since it failed to provide me or my partner with a job. But it's still ace.)

Translation: I currently do this for a living because it allows me to work from home and keep strange hours. I mainly translate long lists of automobile and aeroplane parts because I have no poetry in my soul.

I love my porcelain walrus Rasputin though he likes affection on his own terms, as can be seen.

My lj has quite a lot of "friends only" posts at the moment but that does not mean I am arsey about who I add, it's just to avoid hassle from real-life buffoons.