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She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls.

You must not complain, then, if she goes hunting

Joy Silence
18 February 1980
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I'm Joy, and I'm a reformed engineer and freelance technical translator. Although I am British I currently live and work in a small house in a field in Normandy. This suits me quite well as I hate neighbours almost as much as I hate getting up and going to work in the morning. Other denizens of the small house are my boyfriend Duffy (a quiet fellow who became trapped in the labyrinth of our relationship many years ago and has not yet managed to find his way out), and our tomcats Lemmy and Hallowe'en Jack. The surrounding countryside also provides us with a rolling cast of many other creatures, all keen to get into the house, but the toms and Duffy are the only ones who are meant to be here.